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Suspiciously Nondescript [userpic]
by Suspiciously Nondescript (les_scribbles)
at April 3rd, 2006 (06:18 pm)

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well, kiddos. A special theme this week. Maybe... a weird one, too. ^^ But I like it! This week's theme is...


Yes, that's right. POKEMON! Because Leiko reads them and Callan and Shahjahan are going to work out their differences in pokebattles~! So, here, go through your characters - and no, you don't have to do ALL of them - and you have to say what pokemon they'd be. Have fun~!

julia [userpic]
by julia (peach_feet)
at March 28th, 2006 (09:56 pm)

muse?: cranky
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Adrienne really loves The Cheese Monkeys, by Chip Kidd. Kidd is a graphic designer (and so is she) so that was the original appeal, but the book is so witty, and unique, it's just her cup of tea. She can also relate to Hamillsy, the main female character (who is friggin' awesome, by the bye).


julia [userpic]
i'm going to do this as inspiration strikes me.
by julia (peach_feet)
at March 27th, 2006 (10:16 pm)

muse?: complacent

(see title)

Latitia's favourite book has to be Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Bleak, dismal, romantically painful...ahh, it's the perfect Latitia indulgence. She's also been known to read Euripides, and thinks Nietzche was insane.

Suspiciously Nondescript [userpic]
by Suspiciously Nondescript (les_scribbles)
at March 27th, 2006 (06:02 pm)

Ahem. Now, this is strange, but I am apparently making a request... at my own comm. Oh well. GIRLS. YOU HAVE PHOTOSHOPS AND SKILLS. SO.

http://www.deviantart.com/view/26465221/ <--- This is the perfect (albiet slightly asian) Shahjahan. Go make me an icon of him. NOW, BITCHES.

julia [userpic]
by julia (peach_feet)
at March 26th, 2006 (11:00 pm)

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Okay guys, we've gotten lazy. Even though Wednesday is the literacy test, who cares, we can do this anyway. Alllllll you have to do is write your characters' favourite book(s) and why. C'est tout. ^__^ Due Saturday.

julia [userpic]
ahh, back to my native style
by julia (peach_feet)
at February 15th, 2006 (11:17 pm)

muse?: contemplative
grooooove: JAMES BLUNT :D

as ayanna began to
prepare for a new
day at
a day
mostly like any other
she looked in her
only to find a
long-stemmed, red rose
in place of her daily chores.

no words can explain
her complete and utter
at that moment.

somehow she turned
and saw
at the other end of the kitchen
he winked
she blushed
he popped a carrot
into his mouth, and
and that was

but it was enough.

julia [userpic]
so i JUST notice the theme post
by julia (peach_feet)
at February 15th, 2006 (09:47 pm)

muse?: tired
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Dear Malcolm,

Um, hey. Hi. This is Ayanna...I'm the maid. You know me, I think. Um, anyways, do you wanna want to do something today? It's valentine's day, so...yeah. I'm not busy, and I thought if you weren't, well, you don't have to, I understand, I mean, I'm not, like, this isn't a date, you know, that would be wierd weird. So, um, let me know, okay?

Have a good day,

Suspiciously Nondescript [userpic]
by Suspiciously Nondescript (les_scribbles)
at February 14th, 2006 (10:26 pm)


Uhm, if you aren't too busy with your brother or Aleron or Mio or anyone, do you mind visiting me? Callan and I had to rent out (a floor of) a hotel, because Margarita wanted me out of the house... To spare my ears? So anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to stop by. Callan said we could have a sleepover if we wanted. And if you want to bring any friends, that's okay too. I'm inviting Orpheus.


Suspiciously Nondescript [userpic]
by Suspiciously Nondescript (les_scribbles)
at February 14th, 2006 (06:02 pm)

This one is off topic, but you know, it DOES suit the week. Gareth, on the subject of lo~ove~ Dude, remind me to use this speech in the story.

"Well.... I guess... first off, you don't just know you're in love. It's not like you know it's love the second it happens. You are a human, but you don't know what 'human' means until someone holds a mirror in your face and tells you that human is what you are. So you don't know it's love for a very, very long time. And sometimes, you don't realize you're in love until the moment that the only way you can keep that love is by realizing that love it what it is. Love.... love is a drug, I guess. And a lot of people become terrified after tasting it. Not everyone... but some people do. They get so afraid of losing what they have, that they cling to it, and the love is tainted by need. It's still love, but it's need, too. Love... if you love someone, then you want to keep that person by your side no matter what. Some people aren't smart enough to know that the only way to keep love alive is to let it free, though. Some people don't know that. And they ruin it for themselves, they kill what they love, but it still love. It's still that feeling... the feeling that without that person, something would be incomplete. Without them... it would be the biggest loss of everything. I love Callan... not like that, but I love him. And to lose him... it would be as bad as if someone burnt down my library. I'm so afraid of that... Maybe I could move on, but I don't ever want it to happen. So I'll try to stop it from happening, even knowing that I might burn it down while doing it. I'm just not strong enough to fight that fear of losing love."

Suspiciously Nondescript [userpic]
by Suspiciously Nondescript (les_scribbles)
at February 14th, 2006 (05:54 pm)


I want you in bed. At my place? With tea?

^_^ Be there or else.