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Suspiciously Nondescript [userpic]
by Suspiciously Nondescript (les_scribbles)
at May 18th, 2006 (05:53 pm)

muse?: chipper
grooooove: Hands In The Sky (Big Shot) by Straylight Run

OWNED CHILDREN. Meg and Jubes, PMS has been sleeping.

It must awaken.

So, here are the new rules:

Challenge responses need not be with your own Bgd Story. You may make up worlds and characters on the spot, use ones from your story, use ones from short stories, use ones from random ideas, make up random ideas, etc. The only rule is that the response may not be fanfiction, that is, it may not be another individual's character.

Challenge ends when all members either post or say 'pass.' That is, if a member chooses to pass a challenge, they must post a post saying so, so that the others may continue on afterwards.

Now. This challenge gives you TWO themes, which is why I am giving everyone permission to only use one character for each. More is ALWAYS welcomed.

What does your character taste like? Either in the metaphorical sense, the Nicolai-is-hungry sense, or both.

And, what are your character's eyes like?