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Suspiciously Nondescript [userpic]
by Suspiciously Nondescript (les_scribbles)
at April 10th, 2006 (09:49 pm)

muse?: complacent

Callan... is A MEW. Because it takes a hell of a lot of effort to catch him, and because Mew is less openly mean than Mewtwo

that being said, Shahjahan is a Mewtwo. Because Mewtwo is all, "... *glare* Traitors. Evil, horrible people." and then he lures Mew into the open and they fight and are evenly matched and OMGSOCANNON.

Gareth, meanwhile, is a Togepi. Togepis are kinda useless and rather pathetic, not to mention when they evolve they only gain a little bit more backbone. But why do I keep a Togepi in my party at all times? BECAUSE IT IS SO CUTE. And Gareth's main survival tactic is Cuteness.

Darian can be a Persian. Why? Persians, I note, are very sleek and sexy, but also evil. (Note: Darian is Arabic) And Giovanni had one in the Pokemon dubs, and thus, Darian is the pet guard-creature of the Master Of The House. (er, not Jehiel) By that, we can say Persians are Shahj's pet (Note: Callan IS Persian) So Darian is a Persian.

Isra and Sara are Umbreon and Espeon, respectively. Umbreon is the nightlover, the one with rave-esque rings on her, while Espeon looks prim and proper.

And that is it for tonight~ I also have an awesome idea for next theme~!!! ^_________^


Posted by: icexfire (icexfire)
Posted at: April 11th, 2006 03:38 am (UTC)

Whee~~ Lots and lots of love to all choices. Darian's a sexy beast. And Gareth can't ever escape teh cute. And I find it interesting that Callan is my favourite Pokemon. *nods*

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